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Welcome to my page. My name is  Rosemary Lokhorst. I am a creative geek and writer. I bring impact stories to life for any screen, using technology and gamification to bust stereotypes for a good cause. I like storytelling that uses humor to create characters who are flawed, yet badass. Every day heroes.

I was lured into technology with the promise of regular work hours and meaningful salaries at the age of 19. Since then, I have worked my way up in large companies before joining a startup and helping to bring that to success.

A sabbatical to work on a movie project in Los Angeles inspired me to write a romantic comedy about the modern, empowered woman in technology. In it, my leading lady is a formidable geek and strays away from the clichéd story of the geek wanting the girl to the geek being the girl. Today, women in technology are still a minority and in entertainment often portrayed quite stereotypical.

It fueled my interest in creating stories with a message. Both the gaming and the entertainment industry have enormous potential to bring social messages with entertainment value to a worldwide audience.

That’s why I now use my ‘techspertise’ to produce content I am passionate about, serious content through screenwriting and gaming.

Both in-game and on screen, my stories are about connection, love and laughter using the technologies I have come to love over the course of my career.

If you want to know more about my professional background, feel free to

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CTRL/ALT Revenge - Romantic Comedy

Sam, hacker-girl-next-door, is conned by her fiancé and uses her expert hacking skills to get revenge… only to fall for the guy who’s her collateral damage.

Numbered – Action Movie

Perpetual geek Charlotte gets pulled deeper into the heist of the century and out of her comfort zone.

Flat Martha - Drama

Can a cardboard friend help little Martha and Grace overcome their grief?

Undefined – a documentary

Van Saro is an incredible artist, despite living with the consequences of fibromyalgia all his life.


Shadow’s Edge is the first game designed to support teens and young adults in building emotional strength and resilience when they are dealing with chronic or serious illnesses.

Indiira – an adventure game

Play Indiira’s adventure as she is exiled from her war torn country and brings the evil Empire of the Cardans to its knees in her quest to find a place to belong.


I am an award-winning technology entrepreneur, game producer, and writer – a professional geek with a creative mind. During my ascending career, I’ve worked my way up in several Fortune 500 companies such as Siemens, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft and managed a Software Startup in Germany. Then, I got the opportunity to invest in a start-up with the mission of improving quality of life through technology in urban developments. Excited by the prospect of playing SimCity in real life, I joined the now award-winning software company Living PlanIT and helped build it for the next 7 years. Over the years, I developed a keen interest in the storytelling potential that technology offers. I also started thinking about stories that are supported by the right technology in getting their message across. Discovering my creative side through that process. I started mentoring start-ups for Microsoft Ventures program and has since zoomed into supporting more young female entrepreneurs in the technology space.

Working with young entrepreneurs taught me the lesson of meeting audiences where they are to be able to get your message across effectively. Both the gaming and film industry have an enormous potential to bring social messages with entertainment value to a worldwide audience. This is how young people learn & consume today.

As the producer and narrator of Shadow’s Edge, the first mobile game designed to build resilience in teens that face health issues, I do just that. I take our message to where the teen audience lives, on their mobile phones. In parallel, I keep writing to expand the work of creating an impact through story and entertainment, and I collaborate with other fierce women in technology and entertainment to produce projects that give resources to people that need them and content that defies stereotypes. I keep mentoring young female entrepreneurs, am a regular guest blogger on various sites and I consult companies on using gamification and entertainment to get their story across.


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