This is my short story. I am a professional geek with a creative mind and an interest in looking at things from a different angle. My writing puts a new spin on being the geek, putting likeable, yet utterly flawed characters in uncomfortable positions to make them grow into indisputably badass everyday heroes.

I started my career in hotel management before being lured into technology in 1999 by my brother with the promise of regular work hours and meaningful salaries. During my ascending career, I worked for several Fortune 500 companies in various roles. In 2010 I invested in a startup, a company with the vision of improving quality of life through technology. Joining the company full time gave me the opportunity to be a modern day explorer as Vice President Sales and Marketing and shareholder in Living PlanIT, the award winning company that creates software that improves urban developments around the world.

One of my passions is Women in Technology and I am active in initiatives that empower and support the next generation of female leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), providing them the access and opportunity needed to pursue their dreams. I also mentor startups in the Microsoft Ventures program that helps entrepreneurs take a shot at becoming the next billion-dollar company. Connect with me
here if you’d like me to speak at your next event.

Throughout my career I often wrote technology related documentation but always had a different type of storytelling on my mind. So I took a sabbatical and traveled to Los Angeles to work on a children’s movie as an associate producer where I was exposed to, and fell in love with, screenwriting. This experience inspired me to pursue screenwriting to combine my passion for technology with creative instincts and build stories that allow me to manipulate widespread prejudiced images of technology savvy women.

My stories have strong female characters, everyday heroes, that defy stereotypes and find their inner ninjas, new role models to life that show girls how geeks can be fun, cool, hip and fashionable. Characters that inspire young girls to see the wealth of opportunity in the field of STEM. I see the film industry as an important media to bring these different Point of Views to a larger audience and contribute to levelling the playing field in ICT in the future.

In any decision I make in life, I ask myself, what I would do if I couldn’t fail. So in that spirit--

--gone writing, not fishing.


Rosemary (Rosy to friends) 40s, Writer and Professional Geek
Good at: Sarcasm
Flaw: Hamsterwheeling

Integrity, loyalty and a sense of humour
Loves: Family (including Woof) and friends
Fears: Herself, cockroaches and dentists
Trusts: Herself, life will work out
Hates: People that take advantage, animal cruelty, lies

Wants to be:

External Goal:
Make a difference in the world
Internal Goal: Inner peace

Main Conflict:
Responsibilities vs Creativity

Controlling Theme:
Wherever you go, there you are

Central Dramatic Question:
Will she take full advantage of the serendipities in her life?

Published screenwriter looking back at an interesting life journey that now breathes serenity

Transformational Life Arc:
More a rollercoaster than an arc, but hell of a ride that hopefully brings serenity at some point