Romantic comedy - script completed

Professional hacker Samantha puts a new spin a romantic comedy that so far stereotyped the geek as wanting the girl, not being the girl.  When this young technology savvy woman gets conned by her cheating fiancé she uses her skills to get revenge, risking her job and unwittingly ruins her chance at true love.

Script reviews:
“Really good female Protagonist is brilliantly geeky, strong yet makes mistakes that make you want to strangle her and help her the same time. - Marie Devautour”

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Drama - script under development

One day, terminally ill young Martha (New Orleans) sends a cardboard cut-out figure to Zoe, asking her take pictures with the figure in all her favourite places. Martha cannot travel anymore like she has always dreamed of. However, unbeknownst to Martha, Zoe has committed suicide.

The arrival of the letter and the cardboard character shocks Zoe’s mother Grace to the core. But how can she turn down a dying girl’s wish? The cardboard figure’s journey around London unexpectedly connects Grace and Martha, helps them face their grief and come to terms with the tragic changes in their lives.

- script under development

When Charlotte joins the CIA in the 90s as one of the first analyst focused on crimes associated with information technology, she was not expecting to become a field agent. Charlotte must go undercover as a hacker and join the team that steals 1.5 Billion from numbered accounts in Switzerland to uncover who is behind the heist. 

But as she gets closer and wins the trust of her target to uncover his plans, she discovers that nothing is what it seems and when her cover is blown there is only one escape route for both of them.

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Short film - script under development

When a young woman starts to date through social media she is lured to a remote location by what seems an unassuming nice man with the promise of a homemade dinner. Yet dinner turns out to be a horrific recipe.